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Bb and C Rotary Trumpets in Orchestras of the United States: 
Perspectives from Professional Orchestral Trumpet Players on the Use, Audition Considerations, and Current Makes/Models


Information regarding rotary trumpets in the United States is sparse and difficult to find, being limited to, mainly, snippets of interviews with individual players talking generally about their careers, and short paragraphs within larger works. This study is based on interviews with numerous professionals from top U.S. orchestras about their experiences regarding Bb and C rotary trumpets within the current classical music scene. Interviews collected information regarding equipment preference, pieces and orchestral audition excerpts that are performed with rotary trumpets, how the instruments feel and sound, and considerations for new players. In addition to the information from the interviews, this study includes a chart of current manufacturers and models of Bb and C rotary trumpets (and the features available) as well as a compiled list of all pieces which have been requested for trumpet orchestral auditions in the United States.



Fundamental Questions Addressed in this Research:

1. Why are professionals playing rotary trumpet?

2. For which excerpts/pieces do these professionals use rotary trumpets?

3. What equipment are the professionals using and why? 

4. What differences from piston trumpets make the rotary trumpet desirable?

5. What rotary trumpet does the current market have available and what are the professionals playing and recommending?


6. What should players who are new to rotary trumpets consider?     

Table of Rotary Trumpet Manufacturers,
Models, & Specifications

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