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Brass Band

Brass bands have been around since the 19th century and are full of tradition. It is a unique ensemble with a wide range of ensemble and solo repertoire.  


Trumpet Talk

I am happy to talk to any age group of trumpet players on a wide variety of topics relating to trumpet playing:

the history of the instrument, design, the harmonic series, literature, masterclasses, how to listen to recordings, and more.  


Rotary Trumpets

Through research and interviews, I collected information regarding equipment preference, pieces and orchestral audition excerpts that are performed with rotary trumpets, how the instruments feel and sound, and considerations for new players in the United States. 


Mahler 5

I recently put together a presentation on Gustav Mahler's 5th Symphony for a trumpet studio. For amateurs looking to enter the orchestral world, this lecture provides a good introduction to this amazing piece, tips for the excerpts, and emphasizing the importance of researching the literature. 

recital Photo 1 (2018_06_14 01_03_51 UTC

Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety - Stage Freight

Every performer has some form of nervousness when they walk on stage. Understanding how our bodies react is the first step to overcoming this fear. Once we understand it, we can implement methods and mentalities to improve our performance!  

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